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What is National Forest Inventory of Ukraine

National Forest Inventory of Ukraine is a system of regular sample surveys for obtaining statistically substantiated information on quantitative and qualitative indicators of state and dynamics of forests, their resource potential for the needs of the state administration, strategic planning of forestry, state forestry cadastre, environmental monitoring, international reporting on forests.

To organize and conduct a national inventory of forests, it is necessary to approve the Procedure and Instruction on the National Forest Inventory.

The cycle of works on National Forest Inventory is six years and includes a five-year data collection period by conducting sample forest surveys and one year for the preparation of the report.

In Ukraine, the experimental works on the preparation and implementation of National Forest Inventory started in 2006. During 2008-2015, the Centre of National Forest Inventory from PU "Ukrderzhlisproekt" conducted statistical inventory of forests of the Sumy and Ivano-Frankivsk regions on a total area of about 1 million hectares.

The results of the regional inventory are presented in the relevant section of the site.

Regional Inventories


The technological process of forest inventory includes three stages:

  • Preparatory work, which includes stratification of land cover by means of classifying data from remote sensing of the land, with the subsequent assignment of inventory plots to forest, non-forest and indicative.
  • Field work, which involves identification of forest plots in the country territory in accordance with the defined survey scheme, the verification of indicative plots and the collecting of a national set of key indicators on forest plots.
  • Analytical work, during which the field data is compiled, processed and formed into reporting tables.

National inventory of forests provides results at the state level with a certain level of accuracy. The sampling is designed to estimate the total stock of stands of the country with an error of ± 3% (within 95% confidence interval).

Conducting two cycles of national inventory of forests will allow determining the value of the annual increment of stands, which is necessary for determining the intensity of forest use.

The list of reporting tables is defined in the Instruction for National Forest Inventory and includes eight groups: forest area; growing stock of forest stands; volume and number of trees; increment, felling and mortality; mean stand indexes; indicators of biodiversity; indicators of the sanitary condition of stands; forest regeneration.

Results from the National Forest Inventory are expected to be accessible to the public.

Expected results

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Regulatory base

Procedure and Instruction on the National Forest Inventory

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Equipment and software for forest inventory

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Results of the regional inventories

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